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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a (competitive) shooting sport that can be played in several ways. Generally, you fire small (6 mm) biodegradable airsoft pellets (BBs) in order to hit (stationary) targets or enemy players. These BBs are fired by airsoft guns, also called replica guns or replicas for short. These replicas are designed to look like existing firearms and therefore strongly regulated by the Dutch government. Before buying or handling a replica please make sure you are familiar with these regulations. The NABV is the national association for airsoft in The Netherlands and has an extensive amount of information on their website www.nabv.nl, but feel free to contact us as well! It is important to note that in The Netherlands it is (at all times) forbidden for people below the age of 18 to play airsoft!

Different Types of Airsoft

In The Netherlands, we distinguish between four types of airsoft: target shooting, parkour shooting, team v.s. team and skirmish (skirm) / military simulation (milsim). Target and parkour shooting concern themselves with hitting (non-human) targets as accurate or fast as possible. Team v.s. team mostly consists of small groups of people playing against each other, for example, C.Q.B. or Speedsoft. Skirm is the most played type of airsoft (in The Netherlands). During a skirm two big groups (usually upwards of 50 players each) try to accomplish several objectives, these include but are not limited to, capturing flags, protecting areas/VIPs or moving (large) objects. The amount of training required to participate in a skirm is little to none and the social aspect of these types of games is very big, which explains the popularity of these types of games. Milsims are a more serious variant of skirm games where the organization expects players to abide by extra rules such as restrictions on uniforms, replicas and the freedom to choose your own objectives.

What we do at Falcon7

We mostly participate in skirm games but also offer (a limited amount) of target shooting and safety training sessions. We highly value our open and inventing atmosphere as well as having a lot of fun with the airsoft sport. We are very enthusiastic about introducing the airsoft sport to new players so feel free to contact us if you would like to try out airsoft! All members of Falcon7 abide by our rules and code of conduct (found below) as well as our slogan: Team Play, Fair Play.

Currently, a few members of Falcon7 are working on setting up a milsim group. If you would like to participate in a milsim event where you can join their squad and drive around in their (armoured) car or boat please contact us and we can bring you in contact. Notice that joining these events involves extra costs.