About Falcon7

What we do at Falcon7

We mostly participate in skirm games but also offer (a limited amount) of target shooting and safety training sessions. We highly value our open and inventing atmosphere as well as having a lot of fun with the airsoft sport. We are very enthusiastic about introducing the airsoft sport to new players so feel free to contact us if you would like to try out airsoft! All members of Falcon7 abide by our rules and code of conduct (found below) as well as our slogan: Team Play, Fair Play.

Currently, a few members of Falcon7 are working on setting up a milsim group. If you would like to participate in a milsim event where you can join their squad and drive around in their (armoured) car or boat please contact us and we can bring you in contact. Notice that joining these events involves extra costs.


Falcon7 started off as an airsoft team around the year 2014. It was founded to offer new players a way to start playing airsoft with help from more experienced players. Since 2014 the team has seen many members come and go, most notably, the YouTuber Silo Entertainment who started his airsoft career as a Falcon7 member. During all these years the open and inviting atmosphere was a key point of interest for Falcon7. New members were always welcomed with open arms and helped to start their own airsoft career(s). In the summer of 2021, the then team leader took up the task of expanding the airsoft team Falcon7 to a full letched airsoft club.

Basic (safety) Rules

  1. Eye safety: at any point in time when a (filled) magazine is inserted into a replica everyone should wear protective glasses.
  2. Respect the save zone: when you enter an area that is marked as “save zone” you will remove the magazine from your replica, empty the chamber, put your replica on “save”. In addition, we do NOT allow dry fire in a save zone!
  3. No aggression: aggression of any kind or form will not be tolerated. When you feel any aggression or anger you will announce that you are “fed up”, remove the magazine from your replica, empty the chamber, put your replica on “save” and go to the “save zone” to calm down.
  4. Trigger discipline: only put your finger on the trigger of any replica if you intend to shoot.
  5. No muzzle sweeping: only point (the barrel of) your replica at something you intent to shoot.
  6. Fair play: when you participate in an airsoft game you will, at all times, play by the rules that are agreed upon beforehand. Event organizers are free to establish their own rules as long as they are clear, agreed upon by all players before the start of the event and NOT violate any rules stated by the NABV.
  7. Gentleman’s game: during any event you always assume all other players are following the rules. If you still suspect someone else is NOT abiding by the rules you will contact a Marshall (or event organizer) and let them verify, do NOT do it yourself.
  8. Do NOT start an argument: never start an argument with any player at any point. If there is disagreement contact a Marshall or an event organizer and abide by rule 9 below.
  9. The Marshall (or organizer of an event) is always right: when there are disputes the Marshall or event organizer always has final say.
  10. All NABV rules apply: note that at any point all rules and regulations as stated by the NABV apply to all (airsoft) events.

Falcon7 Code of Conduct

  1. Respect other people and their belongings.
    • No bullying of any kind is allowed before, during or after any Falcon7 events.
    • Do NOT handle any belongings of other players without their explicit permission.
  2. Do NOT share your political opinions during events. This extends to passively sharing your political opinions by using certain gear.
    • For example, when you are using (replica) gear from the Second World War German army, explicitly indicate that you do not agree with the political views associated with the Nazi party (and check with the event organisation if they allow the use of your gear before you participate in the event).
  3. Always help out any new (or beginning) player to the best of your abilities. Members of Falcon7 are expected to go the extra mile for new players and make them enjoy airsoft as much as possible.